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The perfect gift for someone to experience FTY to its full potential. A 1-month membership to train whenevever they want for an unlimited time. The player will also gain FTY member beneifts including access to the ESA Datahub,  discounts on FTY services as well as in Decathlon Poole.

Simply purchase online or at reception and once the recipient presents the card at FTY, they will be signed up for a 1-Month membership for free. 

Membership is redeemable at anytime. Not valid for any other offer ordiscount. Gift card is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash,in part or full. If a the membership holder decides to extend into anyother membership agreements, after their free 1-month has expried, theywill not be charged a joining fee.

FTY 1-Month Gift Card

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