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The FTY Experience allows you to roam free within the lab for 60 minutes, enough time for first-timers to enjoy most of the lab and the products. This is a great place to start for players who are returning from injury, a period of rest or returning to the game from retirement.


Use the FTY Experience as your Pre-season like the Premier League Stars returning from their holidays! Try to use as many pieces of the labs equipment as you can for intensified fun.


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The Full Match Experience allows you to free-roam within the FTY Lab for a full 90 minutes. Gain more touches of the ball here than you would if you were to play 10 x 90-minute matches for a team. This is the ideal session for players looking to use the whole lab or players looking for our most intense work-out.


This experience allows you the time needed to use every piece of equipment individually and teaming up to challenge others in the Rivals Zone. The more minutes you play, the higher chance of beating your own high scores and seeing your name in lights on the leaderboards.