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The Reaction Zone is home to some unique pieces of equipment. This zone is great for anyone wanting to improve their reaction time. We have some machines designed specifically for goalkeepers so that there are no players feeling left out at the lab. In addition, this zone is ideal for people who want to increase their fitness levels or turn their hand to some boxing. 

Keeper - Lights flash on the Keeper for only a few seconds, dive or run to break the beam before the targets moves to another part of the Goal. The Keeper can be played on a junior or full size goal to challenge players of all ages.
Shot Stopper - Follow the LED lights as they move horizontally or vertically across the machine, move your feet and hands quickly to beat the LED light to the target to score points. Perfect for goalkeepers training their footwork and coordination.
Boxer - Bringing a traditional punch bag into the future. Practice your upper-cuts, hooks and jabs on the Boxer’s 6 targets. The Boxer tests speed and endurance rather than punching power, so focus on quick combinations rather than power!
Speed Boxer - The Speed Boxer is all about reactions, break the target beams with your hands as quickly as you can to reach the top of the leaderboard. Keep your brain working as you focus to score points.
Double Speed Boxer - Compete against a friend on the Speed Boxer, hit the targets before your opponent to score points, the player with the most points wins!
Kick Boxer - The Kick Boxer works exactly the same as the Speed Boxer, but targets will come on at different levels, meaning you can either kick or punch the target to score a point. Keep your balance and coordination!
Reaction Wall - A 60-second challenge testing your reaction speed. Use your hand eye coordination to hit as many blue targets as you can, or go 1 v 1 against your friend, racing to hit more targets than them.
ICON Urban - While you are in the Reaction Zone, keep your feet sharp and test your fitness in the ICON Urban.

The lab has been designed to be the ultimate football and fitness hub. Our designated zones test your technical, physical and mental ability. Although ball skills is a key ingredient in football, the lab also focuses on working without possession, improving cardiovascular performance for all players.

But it doesn't end there, the Reaction Zone features several fitness products which have been designed with goalkeepers in mind. None better than the Keeper, the complete goalkeeper training aid which has been designed by professionals. So whether you want to improve or even test yourself in the sticks, the Reaction Zone is for you.


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