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The ICON Zone has everything you need to master the art of the famous tiki-taka style of play which FC Barcelona created with their legendary title winning teams. The focus is on improving your passing ability and keeping the ball on the deck. Being accurate and precise is key to supplying you with a top score.


The ICON Zone is home to a varied list of sizes and versions. Different sized ICON’s allow you to practice multiple length of passes which represent different scenarios which may occur on the football pitch during a match. Some of the arenas even include additional features which require dribbling and pressing out of possession. 

ICON Fast Feet - The ICON Fast Feet is FTY’s smallest arena but the most intense. Stay on your toes and play your way out of a tight area. 
ICON Fast Feet Version 2 - The ICON Fast Feet V2 is made up of one original Fast Feet which is grounded and one which is positioned at eye level. They lights at eye level will signal which of the panels below is the target to hit. 
ICON 6M - The 6M ICON is our flagship arena. Our #MaestroChallenge has been played by some of the best players in the world. Can you beat their score?
ICON 6M Version 2 Sponsored by Michael Matthews Jewellery - The 6M V2 is the most match realistic machine that is homed at the FTY Lab. The additional features allow you to play in and out of possession of the ball. 
ICON 8M - The 8M ICON has slightly smaller target panels than the 6M and the passing distance is greater which provides you with a real challenge to make accurate passes. 

Every ICON has its own leaderboard for you to try and reach the summit. The World renowned Maestro Challenge will be in full flow on the 6M ICON where you can compare your scores with the World's best players which include 5-time Ballon d'Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo.


Let’s Play!