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FTY Lab are very excited to announce the very first FTY Tennis Tournament on our two FTY Tennis courts! FREE OF CHARGE for all of our FTY Members and £5-per-player for non-members. The tournament follows a similar style of major football competitions, featuring a group stage leading to a knockout stage, with the winners taking home trophies and prizes.

FTY Tennis is our brand new sport, where players battle it out at a hybrid version of football and tennis. Use ball control, heading & volleying to dominate the opposition and be crowned king or queen of the court.

If you are interested, use the registration form below and fill in the required information. Players must be 15 or above to enter.


Groups of 4 teams who will play each team once. 2 points for a win and 0 points for a loss, if points are tied GD will be used to determine who progresses. The top 2 teams will progress to the quarter final group stage, where again the top 2 will then progress to a classic semi-final and final.


Players can still register for a space with the tournament just started on Monday July 12th. Groups stages will take place on Monday July 12th or Monday July 19th, depending on what group you are placed in, so interested parties must sign up by the 19th. Knockouts will take place on subsequent Mondays.


FTY Members = FREE

Non-Members = £5.00, per player & per round (semi final and final = 1 round)


First team to 21 points win. Must win by 2 clear points. For example, if the score is tied at 20-20, winner must be 22-20 etc.

Serves must be volleys or half volleys from inside the serving box.

The serve must be directed diagonally and land in the opposite half. The returning team must let the serve bounce before touching the ball.

There are no second serves but a let is used for any serve which hits the net and bounces over.


Team 1 to serve for the first point. Team 2 will then have 2 serves (1 serve for each player in the team). Team 1 will then have 2 serves and so on.


The ball is only allowed to bounce once. Therefore, the ball cannot bounce on your side after you have taken your teams first touch. 


The ball cannot touch the opponent’s walls (back or sides) before hitting the ground first. 


Both teammates must touch the ball before it goes over the net and there is to be a maximum of 3 touches between the two players.


Players can not touch the net themselves during play.

Simple football rules apply, so players may use any part of their body apart from their hand and arm from the shoulders down.

Waiver's must be signed upon entry. Refunds cannot be given once a game has been played. Lateness and failure to turn up to a fixture will result in a forfeit and a refund cannot be given. No studded footwear allowed, only astros or flat sports shoes.

FTY Tennis Tournament registration

Thanks for registering your interest in the FTY Tennis Tournament, a member of our team will get back to you shortly.