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We are delighted to announce that we are now offering Group Experiences at the FTY Lab, meaning you can train and play with a group of friends, family or teammates and experience the lab together.

The FTY Group Experience allows your group to explore the lab for a full 90-minutes, giving you enough time to use every piece of equipment, including the Rivals Zone, which features the FTY Smart Pitch & FTY Tennis Courts.

We offer two types of Group Experience, Group Party or Group Training. Both are coach-led sessions, where we will take control of your experience and guarantee that you get the most out of your visit. 

Both experiences use all of our four-zones and feature fun competition, as well as live scoring with the best players being able to make their way into the top 10’s on the leaderboards around the lab.


Our Group Party Experience has been designed to create the most enjoyment out of your visit. Even if some of your group aren’t regular football players or don't share our passion for the sport, we guarantee that you all will have fun inside the lab.

Coaches will lead you around each station, where the group will be tested on their accuracy, pace and reactions, before heading into our Rivals Zone where there will be numerous party games for the players to enjoy on our products. 

After the session, the group will be able to use our Fan Lounge where they can relax and recover. The Fan Lounge can also play host for your party’s post-match meal and we allow you to bring in any external food & drink. We can also offer hot & cold drinks in the Fan Lounge, along with snacks but there is a strict no alcohol policy at FTY.




Our Group Training Experience has been designed to create the best footballing session during your visit. Our coaches will take control of the visit, putting players through their paces and working on specific aspects needed to improve your ability. 

We offer group training to all standards, ages and abilities, and will work with players on an individual basis to make sure everyone gets the most out of their FTY experience. 

Competition will feature heavily in your session and players will be split into teams and earn points for your side as you work through all of our four zones. The session will finish with small sided matches on the FTY Smart Pitch & FTY Tennis Court, before players can review their scores and recover in the Fan Lounge.


10 Player Bundle = £150 (£15.00 per player)

20 Player Bundle = £250 (£12.50 per player)

30 Player Bundle = £330 (£11.00 per player)

We offer our Group Experience to groups of 6-30 players. If you have a specific number in your group, a member of our FTY team will quote you an overall price & a price per player when they receive your enquiry. These will work closely with the bundles in the price breakdown above.


We also offer a multi-pack of sessions for anyone looking to book more than one experience at a time with exclusive discounts, meaning more hours at a cheaper price. Please enquire to us today for more information.

Booking a group session at FTY will require a 50% deposit that can be paid over the phone. The final payment will be required on the week of the session. Any player who is already an FTY Member will come in for free but this will not affect your price bracket.