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Community Sponsors

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The FTY brand is sleek and fast growing. Combining two of the worlds biggest industries of football and fitness, the first FTY Lab is delivered. BUT… our journey isn’t ending here! We are planning the openings of numerous labs across the UK over the next 5 years.  

To add to this, FTY will become the number one specialists in organising and aiding footballing events across the globe, with the ability to offer their expertise and state-of-the-art products to the mass audience.  

We are offering partnership/sponsorship opportunities to any companies who are interested in joining our meteoric journey. Puma, Wow Hydrate and Elite Skills Arena have already joined us as Sportswear, Hydration and Technology partners respectively.


FTY Lab also offer businesses and companies the chance to advertise and showcase their brands with sponsorship boards which surround our Smart Pitch and FTY Tennis Courts. These arenas create a real buzz and hype which are destined to be spread across the world of social media.


Contact us if you or your business want to to get involved with the FTY Lab or if you want any more information.

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