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Introducing, the Ben Nevis Challenge, climb the height of Britain's tallest mountain at the FTY Lab on our Hill Sprint Lane. Can you conquer the feat, beat the best and feature on our Wall of Fame?


At the FTY Lab, we have our Speed Zone, which includes our Hill Sprint Lane which is often used for shot powerful bursts of speed. However, it can also be used as a true test of endurance and users can examine their cardiovascular performance by running large distances up and down the hill.

The Hill Sprint Lane has a similar gradient to Ben Nevis and from this we have created the Ben Nevis Challenge, which requires users to run and up and down 337 times, matching the distance you would need to do. Furthermore, ex-professional boxer Jake 'Bionic' Best has set the time of 2:21:23 for anyone to try and beat, a time which was achieved with a 15kg computer strapped to his back for charity.

Anyone who completes the challenge will get their photo on the Wall of Fame, a video copy of their effort and also a Ben Nevis Challenge t-shirt. If you beat Jake, we will also cover the costs of entering the challenge and give you 2 x FTY Gift Vouchers, so you can bring a friend to play inside the lab. All entries must be 16+.


Members Ben Nevis Challenge (max 3 hours) = £15

Non-Members Ben Nevis Challenge (max 3 hours) = £20

Anyone who beats Jake Best's time of 2:21:23 will receive a full-refund on their entry into the Challenge.

All entries must be 16 years or older, the challenge is not suitable for young players. Booking a Ben Nevis Challenge at FTY will entitle a maximum of 3 hours use of the Hill Sprint Lane. All challenges must be paid in full before completing the challenge, anyone who beats the time of 2:21:23 will receive a refund of their session. Contact us for any more information.


Climb to the summit of our leaderboards and Britains's tallest mountain, Ben Nevis. Standing at 1,345 metres above sea level, 337 trips up our 25 metre hill sprint lane will be the equivalent of travelling up the mountain and back. Fancy taking on the challenge and winning a Ben Nevis t-shirt?


And don't worry we don't make you carry a 15kg computer like Jake Best did when he impressively completed the feat for charity in 2 hours, 21 minutes and 23 seconds!


Register below or contact us for more information on the challenge.


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